My artwork is largely influenced and inspired by nature and the majesty found within the hues and textures out of doors. My work embodies impressionist qualities with wild colours and movement throughout. My images bring the sensations of summer indoors.

Arlene Koszorek - Biography

Arlene Koszorek is a Canadian born artist, residing in the Greater Toronto area. As a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, and the Society of York Region Artists, She has worked along side Valerie Kent, Herbert Pryke, Marianne Broome, Jill Segal as well as other notable artists. Her works in watercolour and acrylic display her talent in both representational and abstract formats. Arlene's work has been showcased at the Mill Pond Gallery, and various cafes and restaurants throughout the region, as well Sunnybrook Hospital and MacKenzie Health Centre. In 2013 the Richmond Hill Group of Artist jury presented Arlene with an honourable mention. As well she was recently featured at the Richmond Hill Theatre of Performing Arts at the Five Senses Festival.